Steve Prefontaine 10k weekend

I feel obligated to recap our weekend getaway to Coos Bay, Oregon in September where Faris competed in the 37th Annual Steve Prefontaine Memorial 10 Kilometer Road Race, perhaps it is because I fell in love with this small coastal town or because I am still buzzing on starting a blog and this event is perfect to write about.

Coos Bay is an adorable small town on the Oregon Coast, filled with nice people, good coffee, and the overwhelming presence of their hometown hero-Steve Prefontaine. If you do not know who “Pre” is a quick biography is this: he was a runner from Coos Bay who made it to the 1972 Olympics and was tragically killed way before his time at just 24 years old. He held several American running records ranging in distances from 2,000 to 10,000 meters.

The Memorial Road Race floods the small downtown streets of Coos Bay with thousands of runners, cheerleaders, and supporters of the event. It is a 10 kilometer race that a variety of runners turn out for, ranging from Olympic Trial hopefuls to mom and dads pushing strollers through their beloved town. There is also a 5K race for the middle and high school athletes, and a fun run for families.

After the race on Saturday, where Faris placed 35th overall with a time of 41:01 we relaxed with friends and his coaches on the beach. Well relaxed might be a stretch…we played some intense rounds of Spikeball-it was a great way for Faris to loosen up his legs after the race and for the rest of us to get in our daily exercise. We also drove to Bandon, Oregon and tried cheese and chocolates-excellent post race fuel! On Sunday we participated in the 2016 Run Like a Devil XC and Middle Distance clinic for cross country runners hosted by Northwest Fitness-Coos Bay. It is very enlightening to see young people participating in healthy activities and putting their heart into something that they love.

All around it was an awesome weekend and I can’t wait to make it a yearly tradition.



Faris coming into the home stretch of the race.
At the start of the race! Number 460 is Jared Bassett a University of Portland runner who won the race in 31:43.
Coos Bay Boardwalk in all of its glory!
We stopped at Hayward Field at the University of Oregon where Prefontaine was a college athlete. The last time I was there was in 2008 with my mom and sister looking at colleges and it was during the 2008 Olympic Trials! The stadium was packed full of athletes and spectators that day-when we stopped on the way back to Seattle there wasn’t a soul or a sole, in sight.
Faris and “Pre.”
Faris talking to the runners at the speed school. These young people did an awesome job in the 5k race on Saturday.
Spikeball getting pretty intense!

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