A breakthrough in running

Breakthrough in running-Labor Day 2016.

I have accepted the challenge of writing a post a day for the new blog. I have some catching up to do! The prompt from a few days ago was breakthrough and on Labor Day, Faris had a serious breakthrough with his running.

He competed in the Overlake 4 Mile Run in Redmond, Washington. This is the first race that we did when we moved to Seattle in 2014-we both did the half marathon that year. This year I opted to be the photographer and cheerleader-a position I very much enjoy.

Faris came in third overall and with a time of 24:40, something he has never done before…aka a breakthrough! He won prize money, a whopping $25 gift certificate to Super Jock ‘N’ Jill, an all things running store in Seattle. The amount of money was insignificant compared to this huge breakthrough that he achieved. It is one of his proudest running moments to date. His coach Henry says he is now considered semi-professional since he won some bucks!

Now we train for the next breakthrough,


Check out his slow motion start here: https://youtu.be/SYW7Qr5G4g0

About to start!
Receiving his medal.
Post run silly face!
After receiving his prize $$, double thumbs up to that.

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