Lake Washington 5k

This past Saturday, 11-5-16, (my big brothers 29th birthday) Faris ran the first annual Lake Washington 5k and Half Marathon at Juanita Beach in Kirkland, WA. It was absolutely pouring rain that morning despite it having been a very nice November so far here in Seattle.

As it was the first year of this race it came with a few expected hiccups. The half marathon- which started before the 5k, began 45 minutes late. That pushed the 5k back to about 50 minutes late. Faris kept moving around staying warm and I stayed beneath my umbrella with my Starbucks, ready to take pictures whenever the race began!

Well the race finally started and the runners took off at full speed through the puddles. A police motorcycle escort led the race through the 3.1 mile loop course.

When I saw the police motorcycle coming back, I knew that if there was a white jersey right behind her, it would be Faris. A white jersey it was! Faris won the race at 20:10. It was not his fastest 5k by any means but the weather and the massive uphill in the middle of the course slowed his time down just a bit. What an amazing accomplishment to come in first for the first time of this race! This means he is a course record holder for the Lake Washington 5k. The prize was a nice medal and a discount card to Frost

Hopefully next year there is a little less rain and he can blow his time out of the water!

Link to the race if you are interested:


Staying warm.
Ready to run!
At the finish line.
Looking out over Juanita Beach.
Juanita Beach, Kirkland, WA.
Donut sandwich for the winner! One for the cheerleader also 😉

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