The Holiday Off Season

Phew it has been a busy couple of months full of family visits, work, and holiday festivities. The holidays started back in the end of October with a visit from my mom. Then in early November my sister came from Alaska for a visit and we created a new holiday named “Cousinsgiving.” Cousinsgiving was a weekend get away to Soap Lake, WA with all girl cousins. We drank wine, made turkey dinner, hung Christmas lights, and ate pie by the fire. It was wonderful and stress free. Then Faris’ sister, her husband, and their two kids came for actual Thanksgiving for a week. Somewhere in there I had a fancy dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse with some of the pharmacy staff. Finally most recently we did Christmas starting at one cousins house for appetizers then we drove to Marysville to have dinner with some of my other cousins. We feasted on prime rib, twice baked potatoes, and stomached an upsetting Seahawks loss. Now with just a few days left in 2016 I felt that I should recap what has been going on these past couple of months.

Faris was taking an off season from running these past couple of months. That entailed lifting weights and strength training but no running…well almost no running. He went for a few jogs and did some cardio on the elliptical so that he did not lose too much of his cardiovascular strength. The day he was supposed to start his off season a couple of months ago he decided to go for one more run (I told him not to) but he did anyways, stepped in a pothole, and gave himself a good ankle sprain. Thankfully it healed up quickly, he was able to still strength train these past couple of months, and the real lesson here was I’m always right!

2017 is going to be a very busy year with Faris finishing school, our wedding, and a few really big races. Stay tuned for pictures and updates!

-Happy New Year!

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